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espn moved back a year ago, now, it's phillip's turn to take over the power plant. you know, that dress for a bride's big day is a big expense. we're showing you how to save big at the bridal shop. first up, phillip's seafood is in. they're moving to the other side. here's more. >> reporter: all right, well, we buried rice phillips two weeks on the shore. he took $2000 bill the empire. tonight, his son joined together to make the announcement. cordish was told that whoever moves into the spot better be perfect. he said they would both be proud.
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i met on several different occasions with the major and rice. i know that the governor was there, too. neither of the gentlemen are with us today. as i indicated, they would be very, very, very happy to see the union of the phillip's family. that's the four generations and the cordish family that's four generations here. >> that's one of the first tenants in the inner harbor. they'll take over the first floor and have the indoor/out door seating and the raw bar. it's amazing, when they first developed, many were at a loss. who would have thought that one day, it would be their turn to move in. it will open sometime this fall.
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a woman was carjacked when she stopped at a citgo station. the next half hour, this man lead the police on a chase on to the beltway. once he slowed down, the mom bailed out with the baby in her arms and rolled across the highway. they were both treated and released. white faces a host of charges tonight. the police identified a 2- year-old girl killed in a crash. she was thrown from a car after it hit a tree last night. it happened by cliffton park. it's not known if the 2-year- old was in a car seat. the police are investigating the crash. a psychological evaluation is ordered for a man who's accused of kidnapping and killing a boy in new york city.
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he said he has hallucinations and hears voices. tonight, an armed robber is on the loose. the police need your help. we're telling you how in tonight's crime checker report. abc2 news is working to help police solve crimes in your neighborhood. each thursday, we profile a dangerous crime. this week, baltimore county police need your help solving an armed robbery at a woodlawn seven eleven. she robbed the store near the 1100 block of single side drive on april 21st. she's been at large ever since. she's 5'9" inches and around 21 years old. if you have information, call metro crimestoppers. callers can remain anonymous and could be eligible for up to $2000 in reward money. you can see more of our reports
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by going to checker. many of you women know that domestic violence is deadly. we're working with you and showing you new technology that could shed light on the issue. for domestic violence victims, it often starts in the shadows. for this woman, it started in the darkness of her boyfriend's bedroom. >> i couldn't get away from him. he sat on top of me, he held my hands down on my chest and the other hand, he strangled me. >> reporter: it was at that point, with a hand around her neck when she had the clear thought, con fronting the reality that her life may end,
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literally at the hand of a loved one. >> i thought, okay, this is what they're talking about. i'll going to die. that was what was going through my mind. i thought, i've got to get out. i'll die if i don't get out of here. i was screaming for help. >> reporter: she got out and she's able to sit here and tell us her story. it's a story that may have not come to light had it not been for this tool. it's part of what's called the strangulation response process. 50% of strangulation results aren't visible. it's this new light source that's giving nurses a revealing look at the injury for the first time. >> it's gratifying to be able to see the injuries. it helps, i think the victim as
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well to understand that yes, this happened to me and people are finally believing me. >> reporter: she's a registered nurse at the domestic violence program. she uses it to examine victims. it works to expose the injuries that are hard to detect. these before and after photos are examples of what's seen under the light versus the naked eye. it offers concrete evidence for the victims and the overall investigation. >> on average, we can have two to three busy days. >> reporter: this officer works the domestic violence cases. this new light source is making a difference. >> are you pushing more airtight cases forward. >> it gives the prosecution more evidence to use at trial. >> my first reaction was, wow, what a difference it made.
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>> reporter: thelight was used in this case. she never did need the photos for prosecution as her attacker pleaded guilty. he and his lawyer knew they were there. >> i'm thinkful that my life was spared. i can still have a voice. >> reporter: a light source is shining for justice on strangulation victims. northwest hospital and mercy hospitals are the only two hospitals ins area with the light sources. >> 12 questions are used to find out if people are in abusive relationships.
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you can find the questions on the stories section on the website. all right, temperatures are comfortable out there compared to the last few days. mid-80s right now. along the coast, temperatures down in the upper 70s now. humidity, i mean, this is fantastic. down around 20 to 30%. it's a postcard shot. i grabbed this off of the weather camera in annapolis. that's a great afternoon to go sailing. this evening, 80s, nice and breezy. quickly cooling off into the 70s. we'll have more, coming up. thank you, wyatt. jetblue offered up flights for the cost of a gallon of gas. how much did it cost travelers to upgrade? and it may be the largest
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home foreclosures dropped 29%. that doesn't mean that the economy is picking up. the numbers are skewed a bit. one in every 111 household received foreclosure filings. borders is in limbo. they hit a major bump in the road with another company. a bid was rejected by a committee of creditors. they were concerned that they would be able to provide the retailer with a low price. retailers creditors say that the company is worth more if it's sold off piece by piece instead of a whole. amazon will introduce its own tablet computer this year
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to compete with the ipad. it will run on the android platform. it will have a larger screen nathan -- screen than the e reader. jetblue announced a one day offer for flights for saturday. a major road repair project cut down the 405 that california. they offered flights from two airports in california and quickly sold out. for a buck more, you could upgrade. early boarding and access to bid space. buying the perfect gown is one of the biggest expenses for brides to be. we'll show you how to avoid the
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online scams and save. i'm lynette charles, i'm going to tell you the place to go to turn this beautiful day into the beautiful evening. we'll tell you where and what to bring, coming up. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.
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>> >> one of the biggest expenses for weddings is the gown. you can shop online, but that comes with big risks. we're showing you how to avoid a scam and how to save your money. >> reporter: the cost of the average wedding is $25,000. for many brides, two to three
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thousand of that is just for the gown. we'll show you ways to cut the expense and still have a beautiful gone that's the envy of everyone at the wedding. like a lot of brides to be, she was hit with sticker shock when she started shopping for a gown. >> i looked online and in magazines, they were expensive. >> reporter: these bridesmaids found big mark downs at web retailers. >> would you consider ordering one online? >> no, it's never the size you want. >> reporter: if you're looking for a perfect gown and don't want to risk disappointment, we have five simple tips. don't fall in love with the dress in the window. display dresses are more expensive. don't be afraid to haggle. if you find a similar dress online, ask for a discount.
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>> ask, negotiate. >> reporter: consider buying a mark down floor model. also, keep it simple, real silk is pricey. if you're determined to order a dress online, research the seller thoroughly. look for a real address. this store has one. this seller has no address, just a phone number in another country. the same phone number used by a gym shoe out let. >> reporter: finally, no one will check the tag for the designer label. nor will they try to see if it's silk and they won't ask what you paid for it. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. another picture perfect day out there. >> yeah,s the.
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a lot of times, we get these cold fronts in july. we have a high uv index. i'm one of the people that needs sunscreen. >> well, i do, too. >> well, protect your skin. >> if that's your biggest worry, then we're doing good. temperatures aren't bad. human, 37%. wind is calm. we like it like that. skies shot from the barn in carney. crabs, man, you can smell them steaming all weekend. that will be a good weekend for that here and at the beach. taking a look at the time lapses across the state today. look at that. that's just a gorgeous, gorgeous sky out there.
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that's not much difference. towson, trees shaking in the breeze. look at the decent waves rolling in. people are out and about and enjoying themselves. the beach forecast is not bad. low 80s, sunshine and bright conditions. there's a high uv index. the water temperatures are around 70 degrees. we have a boundary coming in. for the most part, things are crystal clear around the state other than the one disturbed area of weather. there's not much out there. that's good. dry weather is holding. temperature, low 80s now and mid-80s tomorrow. the humidity is low. that's around 30%. we like that. we have a look at the forecast tomorrow. mid-to upper 80s. it will be hotter towards brewers and federal hill satellite radar pictures, again, there's not a lot going on active weatherwise across
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the entire east coast now. the reason why, this is a nice big area of high pressure sinking in again. closest storm system well offshore near cape cod. we have the hot, humid air in dixie now. the humidity is comfortably low across the northern part of the south. like the carolinas, not bad there, either right now. the future castor, clear conditions tonight and tomorrow, clear. we'll focus on thursday night with lynette charles standing by in a beautiful shot. >> reporter: i'm in westminster at the westminster branch library. i'm basking in the sunshine. you know what goes good with sunshine? music.
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it's better if it's live music. check this out behind me. we have the band setting up right now. they promised me we would get a taste from them. as of now, they're still setting up you know we have prime real estate. we can see the stores that will be able to listen to the sounds of the local musicians as we go into 6:30. today is a stellar day and we have a few wispy clouds and puffy clouds across the sky. it's gorgeous. if you want to experience what i'm experiencing now, you need to come on down to the westminster branch library. don't forget a lawn chair and a blanket. don't forget the food and family. i also mean your four legged friends as well. to make it all better, that's the fact that it's free. no excuses. come out and enjoy. >> if you weren't so busy
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working, you would have brought your dog, right? >> i'll go home and tell him all about it, too. >> it looks awesome. thank you. go out and get sunshine and music. we'll fall into the 70s quickly. will, especially in carroll county. we can see 50s towards westminster. crisp start in the morning for july. this is for the airport, downtown, you'll be hotter and tomorrow night, down to 63, mostly clear and pleasant. we have a seven-day forecast. this is the type of seven-day that we like. upper 60s, maybe down at the beach. we'll have the lower 80s and sunshine. enjoy. i'm jamie costello, coming up at 6:00, look at a shop tax free. don't want to go to delaware, stay put. and a thanksgiving
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tradition that baltimore is moving. they'll play the turkey bowl this thanksgiving and we'll have more, coming up at 6:00.
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this the world's largest -- this is the world's largest open face sandwich. it's a town of enthusiasts. >> spam kept the soldiers fed. we have soldiers that we talked to that told me that's all they ate.
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it was good. >> well, it was 1652 pounds. guinness will certify the record. it sounded good until they mentioned sam. a few churches are hoping that a gun buy back will reduce crimes. that's coming up at 6:00, which starts right now. >> he was screaming for help, obviously, something was going on. >> a baltimore mom grabs her baby and decide to bail out. this commissioner collected 13,000 guns in the buy back program. 37 years later, catholic churches are trying it again. chances are, you have to clean bill of health today from the doctor. the doctor told you toe

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